Morning Coffee

From across the street…

I see her standing just across the street, but she won’t see me from the corner of the building I’ve chosen as my hiding place.  I don’t want her to see me, not yet.  There are things I must do, things I must tell her in my own way, before she can be allowed to... Continue Reading →

Layne goes to Stonehaven

127 hours after that dream, I was sitting in the heart of Stonehaven.  Well, it used to be the heart.  Before the superstores and suburbs moved in to claim most of the town.  Main Street was still the same, though.  Lined with mom-and-pop stores still owned and operated by the locals, I’m sure.  At least,... Continue Reading →

Stonehaven Intro

While Helen was struggling for her last breaths, lungs constricting with so much effort, I was a thousand miles away falling into a deep sleep at two in the afternoon. I thought of Helen from time to time, when I saw a mother in the grocery store ignoring her child or every once in a... Continue Reading →

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